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Seven Reasons You Need Predictive Analytics Today

Author Eric Siegel of Prediction Impact Inc. examines seven strategic business objectives that can be fully attained by using predictive analytics.

IBM Analytics Live 2015

2nd July, London. Discover how successful leaders are infusing analytics to drive simpler, smarter and faster decision making. 2nd July, London.

Cashing in on Customer Insight

Discover how to harness customer insight from myriad interactions to profitably grow revenue, increase loyalty, and go from good to exceptional.

Case Study IDS-TILDA

IDS-TILDA gains new insights with computer-aided interviewing - Developing accessible interactive surveys to understand the needs of older people with intellectual disabilities

Customer Analytics for Dummies

Find out how you can put your data to work and learn more about your customers! Don't be a Dummy - make the most of your customer analytics!

Four Steps to Maximizing Customer Insight

Learn the four key steps needed to design and implement an enterprise feedback management solution, which helps maximize valuable customer insight to support business goals.

IBM SPSS Data Collection Demo

Watch this demo and discover how you can effectively design and deploy a successful survey project.

IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys Demo

Watch this demo and unlock the secrets of your open-ended responses. Get the most of your survey research!

Advanced Analytics: The Hurwitz Victory Index Report 2014

Learn why IBM SPSS was recognized as a Double Victor in the inaugural Hurwitz & Associates Victory Index for predictive analytics.