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Infographic: 3 Ways to Improve Claims Management with Business Analytics

Filing a claim is the single most important part in the relationship between insurers and the insured. It lays the foundation for customer satisfaction, profitability and positive word-of-mouth for attracting new customers. A “one size fits all” approach to decision-making won't be successful - rather adjustments to the circumstances and needs of individual cases are required.

Seven Reasons You Need Predictive Analytics Today

Author Eric Siegel of Prediction Impact Inc. examines seven strategic business objectives that can be fully attained by using predictive analytics.

Case Study – Länsförsäkringar

Swedish insurance company shifts from two nationwide direct marketing campaigns a year to 13 a day thanks to IBM SPSS predictive analytics software.

IBM Analytics Live 2015

2nd July, London. Discover how successful leaders are infusing analytics to drive simpler, smarter and faster decision making. 2nd July, London.

Case Study – Santam Insurance

Using IBM SPSS predictive analytics to identify risks and accelerate claims settlement

Deploying Predictive Analytics for Competitive Advantage

A recent study completed by Ventana Research found that 68% of companies are using predictive analytics to gain a competitive edge. Find out more now, and learn how predictive analytics can help you.

KPIs vs. KPPs – How KPPs can help you improve your business

Download this KPIs vs. KPPs Guide and learn the difference through some easy examples Discover how KPPs can help you improve your business!

The New Frontier for Personalised Customer Experience

This paper introduces the IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence solution, which gathers relevant customer information from internal and external sources and uses advanced analytics and scoring to recommend the right offer or action before or during an interaction.

Three Ways to Improve Claims Management with Business Analytics

Learn how business analytics can provide a significantly more effective way to manage your claims process. You'll find out how business analytics works and how insurers are using it.

Case Study – Discovery Health

Predictive analytics used to craft preventive programs that keep members healthier and costs lower