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Infographic: Advanced Analytics for Healthcare

Healthcare systems face multiple challenges, including ageing populations, evolving healthcare needs and rising costs. Tailored end-to-end analytics solutions allow healthcare providers to inject ongoing intelligence into key processes to improve patients’ access to high-quality care, supported by cost-effective operations.

IBM Analytics Live 2015

2nd July, London. Discover how successful leaders are infusing analytics to drive simpler, smarter and faster decision making. 2nd July, London.

Case Study – Influence Health

To help its clients in the healthcare industry maximize return on marketing spend, Influence Health scores existing and potential patients on the likelihood that they will need specific healthcare services, increasing client revenues and driving higher response rates.

Case Study – University Hospitals of Leicester

University Hospitals of Leicester improves patient outcomes - Using analytics from IBM, the hospital optimizes insight into pediatric admissions

Advanced Analytics: The Hurwitz Victory Index Report 2014

Learn why IBM SPSS was recognized as a Double Victor in the inaugural Hurwitz & Associates Victory Index for predictive analytics.