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The Future of Work: The Value of STEM skills

What will the future of employment resemble? Recent work by the World Economic Forum predicts in-demand jobs and future trends including Algorithm Bias Auditor, Data Detective, Human-Machine Teaming Manager and Tidewater Architect.

Keep Calm and Get Planning: The PPDAC Cycle

What do you think when you see data in a spreadsheet? How does it make you feel? How would you pull meaning out of rows and columns of data? Now consider a situation where you must make sense of something that is new to you or presented in an unfamiliar format. Perhaps you have endless rows and columns of data with no explanation. In this situation, you have probably asked yourself where do I start?

Our SPSS Academic Portal is now Deprecated

Presidion have made available a new Academic Portal with SPSS resources for academics using the application and those who teach people how to use the SPSS Software. This portal is a handy tool for both students and lecturers as they begin to work with SPSS.

Case Study – University of Western Sydney

University of Western Sydney learns the secrets of student retention - Harnessing predictive analytics to understand and address the key causes of student attrition

Advanced Analytics: The Hurwitz Victory Index Report 2014

Learn why IBM SPSS was recognized as a Double Victor in the inaugural Hurwitz & Associates Victory Index for predictive analytics.