SPSS Analytics Partner | Case Study – Woonbedrijf

Case Study – Woonbedrijf

Solution Components

  • SPSS Statistics Standard
  • SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys

“We have been using IBM SPSS solutions for several years to quickly and efficiently collect and analyse information from our own systems as well as research data. These analyses provide us with transparent insight into the needs and behaviour of our customers.”

Hamid Dardour, Customer Analyst, Woonbedrijf

Woonbedrijf improves tenants’ quality of living

Using IBM SPSS software to analyse needs, behaviour and opinions


Woonbedrijf manages the rental of approximately 31,000 residences in the greater Eindhoven area, accommodating approximately 70,000 people. Other activities of the housing corporation include maintenance, renovation and new building.


Business need

The Dutch housing corporation Woonbedrijf wants to ensure a high quality of living by adopting a more customer-driven approach. To achieve this, Woonbedrijf requires optimum insight into the needs of tenants and house-hunters.


Using IBM® SPSS® solutions for research and analytics, Woonbedrijf is able to quickly and efficiently identify the wishes of current and potential clients, as well as their behaviour and opinions. In addition to quantitative analysis, other important instruments are large-scale qualitative analysis of online forum discussions and polls.



Through careful segmentation into tenants and areas, Woonbedrijf is able to effectively cater for the needs and behaviour of different target groups. Quick and simple analyses of large volumes of text provide a better understanding of customers’ satisfaction levels, wishes and opinions. This helps to improve the level of service and mitigate risks. Modelling allows Woonbedrijf to anticipate the behaviour of tenants and house-hunters even more effectively.

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