SPSS Analytics Partner | Case Study – MOTOR-TALK

Case Study – MOTOR-TALK

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Solution Components

  • SPSS Modeler
  • SPSS Statistics

“IBM technology enables us to provide a more valuable service to clients than ever before.”

– Anja Decker, Head of MOTOR-TALK Intelligence, MOTOR-TALK


Unlocking eye-opening insights into consumer opinions with cutting-edge analytics



With more than 2.6 million registered users and 45 million posts on its forums, MOTOR-TALK is Europe’s largest online community for motoring enthusiasts. The platform is visited by 4.9 million people each month, who write about 10,000 new posts every day.


Business need

Car manufacturers and auto insurers want to know what customers think of their products and services, but gaining unbiased insight into customers’ opinions can be difficult and expensive.



MOTOR-TALK, Europe’s largest online community for motoring enthusiasts, is using IBM® Analytics software to examine posts in its forums and understand how people perceive manufacturers and brands.



By providing valuable insight, MOTOR-TALK can attract new clients, helping it achieve full return on investment within a year. Analysis is also 90 percent faster, saving weeks of work for staff.

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