SPSS Analytics Partner | Case Study – Influence Health

Case Study – Influence Health

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Solution Components

  • IBM SPSS Modeler
  • IBM Cognos

“Working with our experienced marketing analytics and services team, clients have been able to achieve ROI rates of up to 12 to 1 on their targeted marketing efforts.”

Venky Ravirala, Chief Analytics Officer, Influence Health

Influence Health

Focusing on the factors that really influence people’s healthcare decisions



Influence Health provides the healthcare industry’s only integrated digital consumer engagement and activation platform. The Influence Health platform enables providers, employers and payers to positively influence consumer decision-making and health-behaviors well beyond the physical care setting through personalized and interactive multi-channel engagement. Since 1996, the Birmingham, AL-based company has helped more than 1,100 provider organizations influence consumers in a way that is transformative to financial and quality outcomes.


Business need
To help its clients in the healthcare industry maximize return on their marketing spend, Influence Health wanted more accurate insight into which patients and prospects each campaign should target.


Influence Health builds and runs sophisticated propensity models that can analyze 195 million patient records and predict the likelihood that each prospect will need specific healthcare services, such as medical procedures or courses of treatment for particular diseases.



Influence Health has seen an improvement of up to 800 percent in identifying patients and prospects who are at the greatest risk from over 100 common diseases. Such insights help the company’s clients boost response rates for healthcare campaigns and increase engagement that promotes wellness.

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