SPSS Analytics Partner | Case Study – Idealtours GmbH

Case Study – Idealtours GmbH

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Solution Components

  • IBM SPSS Modeler

“This investment has certainly transformed our company for the better, as we are now making important business decisions based on hard facts, rather than gut feeling. Overall, we estimate that we have gained a return on investment of EUR50,000 in our first year of using SPSS.”

Christof Neuhauser, CEO, Reisebüro Idealtours GmbH

Idealtours GmbH

Idealtours gains deep insights into holidaymaker behaviour – Predicting the success of vacation packages before they are booked and paid for



Reisebüro Idealtours GmbH, a chain of high-street travel agents, specializes in organizing holidays that fulfil customers’ desires. Founded in 1976, the company achieves annual revenues of around EUR20 million and employs 42 people.


Business need

To survive fierce competition from online rivals, high-street travel agent Idealtours had to find a way to reduce marketing costs and boost revenue. The company also wanted to understand why some resorts are more popular than others, and plan more successful vacations in the future.



Reisebüro Idealtours GmbH deployed powerful data modeling software to deliver deep insights into customer behavior, predict which holidays will be most popular with each customer segment, and target marketing campaigns accordingly.



EUR50,000 ROI achieved in the first year of using SPSS. 5 percent revenue boost from targeting customers more accurately and designing more appealing vacation packages. 30 percent cost saving on printing and distributing brochures.

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