SPSS Analytics Partner | Case Study: Getin Nobel Bank

Case Study: Getin Nobel Bank

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Getin Noble Bank S.A.

Personalizing offers to meet customers’ specific banking needs raises savings deposits by 20 percent



Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, Getin Noble Bank S.A. is a retail bank specializing in customer and mortgage loans for private customers and small and midsize businesses. The bank operates more than 500 branches across the country. Founded through a merger between Getin Bank and Noble Bank in 2010, Getin Noble Bank serves approximately 2.2 million customers.


Business need
Getin Noble Bank S.A. experienced several years of rapid growth, at twice the pace of the rest of the Polish banking sector. As the market became saturated, customers demanded a higher level of service. To create tailored product offers to meet their needs, the bank needed a more efficient and automated method of customer segmentation. It also wanted to develop effective campaigns with repeatable and predictable results.


Getin Noble Bank uses predictive analytics and automated campaign management solutions to analyze customer activity and create tailored offerings, helping the bank improve acceptance rates and reducing customer frustration at receiving irrelevant offers. More personalized service and novel product offerings such as its Getin UP portfolio of innovative, techno-savvy services also enhanced the bank’s reputation as a leading retail bank in Poland.



The bank has already raised its savings account funds balance by 20 percent by gaining a better understanding of customer needs. It also increased the number of active account-related cards 1.7 times and the number of transactions on those cards 2.5 times. Unlike its previous manual efforts, the bank can use the solution to assess campaign effectiveness and constantly improve multichannel marketing efforts. Getin Noble Bank received the 2015 Portfele Wprost award for best retail bank in Poland for delivering products that best met individual customers’ needs. The bank received the honor thanks to its attractive, transparent products and services, high-quality customer service and outstanding loyalty program. The bank also expects to become known for its technological innovations in customer banking services, in part because of these solutions that help it quickly respond to changing customer demand and market conditions.

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