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Case Study – Cablevision

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Solution Components

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  • IBM SPSS Statistics


Predicting customer satisfaction based on network health helps boost loyalty and reduce churn



Cablevisión is one of Argentina’s leading media and communications companies, providing cable TV services to 3.5 million subscribers and internet services to 1.8 million more. Founded in 1981, the company employs more than 10,000 people.


Business need

Cablevisión wanted to boost loyalty and minimize churn by increasing service quality and customer satisfaction. It needed a smarter way to identify unhappy customers and resolve their issues.



Predictive models help Cablevisión see the correlations between network service quality and dissatisfaction – pinpointing unhappy customers and revealing the root causes of their problems.



When the model predicts that a customer may be unhappy, Cablevisión can reach out to proactively solve the problem. This helps to boost satisfaction, increase loyalty and reduce ongoing support costs.

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