SPSS Analytics Partner | Case Study – Bank of Ireland Tailored Training

Case Study – Bank of Ireland Tailored Training

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Solution Components

  • IBM SPSS Statistics
  • Presidion Tailored Training

“The training was informative and well balanced with theory and examples and most importantly tailored to our data and needs. During the training period Presidion’s trainer was an excellent instructor and I would recommend her without any doubt to all my colleagues.”

 — Vilma Dambrauskaite, Senior Analyst, Bank of Ireland

The Bank of Ireland Customer Analytics Team can now dig deep into their customer satisfaction data

Equipped with improved analytical techniques and know-how following tailored training



Bank of Ireland is one of the largest banks operating in the Republic of Ireland. To maintain their competitive edge in the market they require a deep understanding of their customers’ needs and pain points. Presidion partnered with the Voice of the Customer Department to enhance their statistical knowledge and develop an effective, data driven approach to address key business problems that arise month-on-month.



Bank of Ireland is one of the ‘Big Four’ financial institutions in the Republic of Ireland. Operating branches nationwide and via online banking services, they provide mortgages, insurance, loans, credit cards, pensions, financial planning, savings and investment services to Irish customers.


Business Challenge

To maintain their competitive edge in the market the Voice of the Customer department in Bank of Ireland gather satisfaction data from their customers on a very frequent basis. Such large volumes of data had put intense pressure on the department to identify the most pertinent drivers of customer dissatisfaction each month. A turn-around with recommended actions to address these crucial areas would be required as soon as possible. Their key analyst required training to point her to the best data analysis approach given the different business goals she was presented with month-on-month.



The intensive tailored sessions focused on developing a strategy to determine the best methods to address business driven customer satisfaction questions each month. This approach required the upskilling of the analysts team in statistical and data mining methodology, imbuing confidence in her choices of tests and procedures on a monthly basis.


What Presidion Delivered

The team was engaged in an intensive, two-day tailored training course onsite in Bank of Ireland. The course content was derived specifically to address the analytical needs of the Voice of the Customer department. The course covered statistical procedures and more advanced data mining techniques.

The sessions were designed for maximum learning impact. This was achieved by tailoring the learning environment to one-on-one sessions with a Presidion consultant, answering pertinent questions and bringing a depth of experiential knowledge in dealing with large scale data analytics ventures. Using specific examples from the client satisfaction data, each of the techniques were demonstrated and the results interpreted as they would in practice. This bridged the gap between learning and application.


Outcomes and Benefits Realised

In addition to the expansion of data analysis skills, the analysts team gained confidence in her decision-making ability to design a data-driven approach to business problems in her department. The opportunity to address important questions that remained unanswered by text books and online forums bridged gaps in the understanding. This enabled the team to be self-reliant and assured when running tests and building models going forward. This was made possible, in particular, through the use of real Bank of Ireland data, providing the context to address crucial data cleaning issues and to evaluate the results as they would present in a typical data analysis session. This was invaluable for monthly reports and potential innovation going forward in the Voice of the Customer Department.

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