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Global IBM SPSS Customer Success Stories

Organisations in over 100 countries use Advanced and Predictive Analytics Solutions to make better decisions and achieve superior results:

  • Businesses acquire, grow and retain customers cost effectively – for greater profit.
  • Public sector organizations evaluate programs, manage human capital and reduce fraud.
  • Academic institutions identify at-risk students, enroll and retain the right students, and maximize resources.






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  • "It is expected a reduction in the stock that should allow us to release the cash, which is currently tied up in inventory for other purposes. Other positive benefits are: identify stock that is going to become obsolete and free up warehouse space."

    Power Company
  • "I like the relaxed intimate nature of the information sharing sessions"

    Antoinette Kelly
  • "Really enjoyed the seminar. Interesting to hear about insights into Eir's Analytics journey through Anthony. Keep up the good work"

    David McCarthy
  • "Because there is now a consistent approach to analytics across the business, it’s easy for our analysts in different departments to collaborate – enhancing our understanding of the factors behind churn."

    Anthony O’Neill
    Director of Planning, Insight and Analytics at eir
  • “The solution from Presidion gives our analysts the ability to perform deep dives and comprehensive statistical analyses to unlock the commercial value of our data,” - “Thanks to Presidion, we can now rapidly identify the causes of customer churn, and take action to mitigate them – increasing our competitiveness."

    Anthony O’Neill
    Director of Planning, Insight and Analytics at eir
  • "Presidion’s high level of expertise with the tools and deep understanding of our industry helped us to embed commercially valuable predictive analytics capabilities into our business processes, and start realising the benefits very quickly."

    Anthony O’Neill
    Director of Planning, Insight and Analytics at eir
  • "The expertise and dedication of the Presidion consultants who worked with us exceeded our expectations. They really took a ‘partnership approach’ to ensure we achieved all of the objectives of this project."

    Michael Morris
    Infrastructure Manager, Safefood.
  • "As we draw towards the successful conclusion of the above project I want to express my thanks to your staff and my admiration for their skills and professionalism."

    Loman O’Byrne
    Chief Executive, South Dublin County Enterprise Board
  • "Seeing the world through the customer's eyes is the heart of our business. Customer information and feedback is key to this process and is enabling us to take a proactive approach to one of our industry's most pressing problems."

    Federico Cesconi
    Head of Customer Insight and Retention, Cablecom
  • "We are opening up a whole new approach for predictive and prescriptive analytics in oil and gas."  

    Steven Benn
    Manager, Exploration and Production Technologies, Santos Ltd.
  • "The one-to-one training in Modeler was great – very hands on, very personal. There were so many opportunities to ask questions and afterwards I was in a position to dive right in to my analysis of our wholesale data."

    Emily Brick
    Data Analyst at Musgrave
  • "I really enjoyed the training and it’s already helped me in a meeting today regarding data exports to be used in SPSS."

    Hazel Quigley
    Researcher at the Health Research Board
  • "The training course was really beneficial with a balanced combination of theory and exercises! The training material was clear and practical, and Presidion's trainer using an interactive approach, was well organized and capable to cover all aspects and topics of the course thoroughly in a professional manner. I would highly recommend the course to others!"

    Federico Nolasco
    Data Analyst at Solaris Consulting Ltd
  • "I have to say I found the seminar very informative and interesting and the round the floor discussion was very proactive. As always the networking and sharing aspect of the seminar was most useful with everyone joining in and passing on valuable advice."  

    Matt Brierley
    Claims Crime Prevention Team at LV=
  • "Choosing SPSS Statistics Base and SPSS Modeler has been very advantageous. Proof lies in the results achieved and the fact that we rely so much on the tools. We will continue to seek other SPSS Inc. tools that will help us gain competitive advantage."

    Spokesperson for the Market Planning and Bundling Department
    VTR GlobalCom
  • "Even before completing the final models, we were able to surpass our original target – and increase the campaign response rate by 100 percent."

    Stephen R. O’Brien
    British Telecommunications
  • "We are enthusiastic about the results so far. The software has far exceeded our expectations. SPSS enables us to quickly and effectively identify likely groups in our base of six million mobile customers for marketing actions aimed at value retention and value creation. We can quickly translate this valuable customer knowledge to segment specific actions and get a much higher efficiency out of our marketing investments."

    Leen Molendijk
    Implementation Manager, Predictive Marketing. KPN Mobile
  • "Personalized up-selling recommendations enable many agents to generate value in a single contact, allowing them to recommend the purchase of certain products to the client they are speaking to."

    Omar Rois
  • "SPSS Inc.'s technology is highly intuitive, enabling analysis to be undertaken extremely quickly. For simple tasks we often get the answer we’re looking for in just a couple of mouse clicks —this is a true advantage to any competitive offering."

    Federico Cesconi
  • "Presidion were brilliant. They helped us turn our situation around so that we are now spending 80% driving outsights out of our data and 20% of our time actually collating data. We are now able to concentrate our time and resources implementing our customer strategy."

    Stephen Moran
    Bank of Ireland
  • "We have no intention of changing our software, as we have been highly satisfied with all aspects of the solution. Simply put, our daily operations would be impossible to solve satisfactorily without IBM SPSS software."

    Tamás Tóth
    OTP Bank
  • "Without Modeler, it would be difficult to detect relationships between originators and beneficiaries who send and receive transfers internally. Criminals use these networks precisely because they won’t be detected by traditional systems."

    Felipe Correa
  • "The predictive modeling solution proved to be a good ally in helping us structure new ways to approach anti-money laundering responsibilities within the organization."

    Francisco Ruiz
  • "With IBM SPSS Modeler, we have been able to transfer 80 percent of our money-laundering detection resources into bringing new business into the bank."

    Francisco Ruiz
  • "Our people at the front-lines taking claims are now making decisions that adjusters in the field would have made in the past. To make it work, we needed to balance that extra empowerment with a greater degree of accountability—and employees who were comfortable with that new balance."

    Bill Dibble
    Infinity Property & Casualty
  • "With predictive analytics, we were basically able to close a hole in our pocket where money was leaking out steadily. We were also ready to show that this was just the beginning."

    Bill Dibble
    Infinity Property & Casualty
  • "The efficiency of the analyst team has been enhanced significantly since the new solution was implemented – analysis work which used to take a week can now be done in a day and a half. We have also seen a qualitative improvement, with analytical results that are up to four times more reliable and accurate."

    Ola Gustafsson
  • "IBM SPSS predictive analytics software has given us the means to learn systematically from our experience. By learning from the history, we can know today who will buy a given product in the future."

    Ola Gustafsson
  • “We have already made huge progress in improving root cause identification, optimizing operating conditions and reducing operational costs in specific processes.”

    Eric Paradis
    IBM Bromont
  • "Analytics gives us a method of assessing impact of factors that we may not be able to measure directly – so we can do more with the data we already have, instead of making big investments in hightech equipment."

    Matthieu Lirette-Gelinas
    IBM Bromont
  • "Our turbines have an alarm built-in by the manufacturer which is triggered 30 minutes before a major failure, but with our data we can predict such an event 30 hours before it happens."

    Erez Daly
    Israel Electric Corporation (IEC)
  • "Presidion trainer was great; she was able to explain technical stuff in a language that we all understood. Now we know all we need to make the most of the software."

    Mr. Colin Thomas
    Cat Protection UK
  • "Excellent course. Very comprehensive. Of huge benefit in knowing what statistics to use where and how to get the most out of questionnaires."

    Marie Power
    Farrell Grant Sparks Consulting
  • "Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the course & found it extremely useful. SPSS is not as scary as I originally thought. Extremely worthwhile course!"

    Amanda McErlene
    Public Health Dept, North West Area HSE
  • "The course was very enjoyable and the trainer was very helpful with answering questions and explaining things clearly."

    Orla Bolger
    Bank of Ireland (BOI)
  • "Since I had some knowledge of statistics and IBM SPSS, this course suited my needs. Having completed this course and having the training manual, I feel more confident in using statistical tests within my own work."

    Denise McCarthy
    Health Service Executive (HSE) Midlands
  • "I really enjoyed the course; it was exceptionally interesting and well paced. I think it will be extremely beneficial in my work."

    Mr. Padraig O’Brien
    Allied Irish Bank (AIB)
  • "The examples were very good. Excellent course for general introduction to subject Time Series Analysis & Forecasting."

    Mr. Ajay Oza
    Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC)
  • "I enjoyed the course; it will be of great benefit to my professional (and academic) work in the future - thanks!"

    Ms. Sharyn Carley
    St Brigid’s Hospital Balinasloe
  • "Very interesting course with a lot of tools beneficial to my work. Customer care from very welcoming and good as usual!"

    Ms. Fiona Scullion
    Council for the Curriculum Examinations & Assessment (CCEA)
  • "Excellent course showing the versatility of Syntax."

    Ms. Diane Eller
    Northern Ireland Housing Executive
  • "Excellent course for an excellent product."

    Mr. Mark McEvoy
  • "Course was excellently presented with a clear overview of research and statistics  principles and the IBM SPSS Statistics software package. I found it challenging but very informative and a useful introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics."

    Mr. Paul Sheehan
    Cork Simon Community
  • "Presidion trainer was great; she was able to explain technical stuff in a language that we all understood. Now we know all we need to make the most of the software."

    Mr. Colin Thomas
    Cat Protection UK
  • "The course was very informative and I could see throughout the course where I could apply the techniques within my own work."

    Jennifer Dunne
    An Garda Siochana
  • "Very useful course for beginners and also as a refresher to statistical concepts. Good to have many examples. More practical knowledge gained."

    Tania Percy
    South Yorkshire Police
  • "By using the software tools provided by SPSS, we have cut out process time by 70 percent.…Because the output generate by SPSS is so impressive, it makes people in authority sit up and take notice of your results."

    Jacqueline Martin
    Principal Support Officer at East Ayrshire Council
  • "Measurement is critical to give us an accurate picture of the way things are in the field and identify areas for change or improvement," stated Gatt. "Dimensions is an excellent tool that enables us to measure and immediately understand what is occurring and then take appropriate action."

    Chaim Gatt
    PhD, Director of research and statistics in the Ministry of Education's IT division
  • "With IBM SPSS Statistics, students can tackle important real-life problems, applying a range of analyses to achieve a solution in a short period of time."

    Sharon L. Weinberg
    Professor of Applied Statistics and Psychology at New York University
  • "Now, by using Presidion (formerly SPSS Ireland) expertise and their online survey capabilities, it was easier and faster to measure opinions. Dimensions is an excellent tool that enables us to collect feedback in a timely manner and also deliver huge cost savings to the organisation."

    Ian McKenna
    Head of Framework Awards at HETAC
  • "The key is that IBM SPSS Statistics can perform data management, data analysis, data extraction, database construction, reporting and forecasting ... all in a single product."

    Dr. David Wright
    WSU sociology professor, WSU’s Statistical Project Analyst
  • "Thanks to IBM SPSS, we are able to complete significantly faster analysis of our academic programs. Prior to IBM-SPSS, we would have spent most of one term—that’s several months—analyzing one program. Now we can do it in a week or less."

    Dr. Ronald Gordon
    Director of Research at Yuba Community College District
  • "SPSS predictive analytics software has been integrated into our business processes and has proven to be absolutely necessary for processing applications and ensuring that they are handled with the consistency we need."

    Nils Staib
    Credit Manager at IKANO Finans
  • "We are now better at sending the right emails to the right people at the right time. This new targeted approach with IBM SPSS Modeler helps Avis cut email marketing costs almost by half and, hence, maximise revenue."

    Chris Parker
    Direct Analytics Specialist at Avis Europe
  • "Seeing the world through the customers eyes is at the heart of our business. Customer information and feedback is key to this process and is enabling us to take a proactive approach to one of our industry's most pressing problems."

    Federico Cesconi
  • "SPSS has more than paid for itself in the short time we've had it and, as a result, we've started to use text mining tools from the company to look at customer records in call centers. In the analytics team at least, SPSS is the fundamental tool in our toolkit, and has more than proved its value."

    Stewart Robbins
    Customer knowledge manager at Powergen
  • "After a thorough investigation of the analytical solutions in the market, we selected IBM SPSS predictive analytics software for its ease of use for the business users and the extensive insight it provides into customer behavior and profitability."

    Paul Groenland
    Project manager, database marketing at Rabobank
  • "Using IBM SPSS Statistics and IBM SPSS Modeler, we have improved customer retention by 7 percent, with 54 percent of Fiat customers now replacing their existing cars with another Fiat brand."

    Giovanni Lux
    Customer intelligence and advocacy manager at Fiat Group Automobiles
  • "The SPSS scanning process and capability to drill down into our public consultation survey data has become a bedrock on which the project can move forward. Our increased survey and analysis capability has also impressed several partners who have now fully bought into the National Reassurance Project in Oldham."

    Keith Bentley
    Chief superintendent of Operations at Oldham
  • "While previously the full investigation process might have taken weeks, we're now able to track down fraud cases within days. We typically express the added value of our department in terms of financial results. By using IBM SPSS Modeler, these results have doubled each year since 2007."

    Andor de Vries
    Fraud Analyst at Zorg en Zekerheid
  • "Now, by using SPSS expertise and their online survey capabilities, it was easier and faster to measure opinions. Dimensions is an excellent tool that enables us to collect feedback in a timely manner and also deliver huge cost savings to the organisation."

    Ian McKenna
    Head of Framework Awards at HETAC
  • "Literally hundreds of intervening variables have been identified and SPSS software has proven invaluable in determining which of these have the most impact when planning and delivering services."

    Dr. Tony Alderton
    Researcher at Kent County Council
  • "With SPSS-IBM software, the potential is there to improve the clinical effectiveness of interventions for a vulnerable group of people, and therefore their quality of life could improve measurably."

    David Martin
    Clinical Audit Co-ordinator at Brooklands North Warwickshire NHS Trust
  • "I like Clementine because of its ability to quickly generate results and its intuitive user interface."

    Dr. Werner Dubitzky
    Professor of Bioinformatics at University of Ulster
  • "IBM SPSS Statistics allows us to handle disparate data in many different formats and easily combine it into a single dataset for analysis. It also offers many time-saving features that enable us to obtain and publish results faster."

    Dr. Richard Shaw
    Director of Cardiac Research, Division of Cardiology California Pacific Medical Center