SPSS Analytics Partner | Analytics and Rugby scrum together for a better real-time insight

Analytics and Rugby scrum together for a better real-time insight

After using Analytics for tracking key statistics of the game in some of the major tennis tournaments in the world, IBM have announced a strategic five year agreement with the Rugby Football Union (RFU) to track the key numbers in all their matches. As Official Analytics Partner for the RFU, IBM will implement a leading analytics solution to provide fans with real-time insights into the game, including information about individual performances by players.

The application of Analytics to sports has been gathering momentum over the past few years, and we can see examples in many sports: it is used to spot the better players in baseball, to predict when the Leicester Tigers’ leading players are due to suffer injuries, or to identify critical aspects of a tennis match that will determine the winner based on both real-time and historical data. Now, with the TryTracker from IBM, Rugby fans will have access to valuable in-game stats. It will give viewers access to insights that will heighten their understanding of what to watch for in each game and explain what needs to be done to increase the likelihood of a team win against specific opponents.

Data analysis has been helping business to optimise their processes for a while now, and the world of sport is starting to realise the potential on its use. Not only applied to increase performance of players and athletes, but also to enhance the experience of the fans.

We are looking forward to the Ireland vs England match this Sunday and we will be following the twitter hashtags #IrlEng and #IREvsENG . We hope to see you there!