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Webinar: Transforming Maintenance with Predictive Analytics
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Achieve Big Savings By Leveraging Your Data

Utilities and Manufacturing companies are embracing Industry 4.0, and transforming their using data analytics.

Using Analytics to drive Predictive Maintenance delivers transformational change:

Join us for this practical webinar where Pierre Baviera and Alan McMahon will be sharing their experience in the industry and answering key questions such as:

  • What Predictive Maintenance really is and what it is not?
  • How to develop this capability for superior business performance?
  • How to leverage the data that you already have access to?
  • How to deploy the insights into your business?

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Pierre Baviera, CEO at Presidion

Pierre BavieraWith a background in Engineering and Management, and having held leadership positions within multiple companies, Pierre has extensive experience helping organizations across the globe transform their business, with a special focus on technology and innovation. He will be talking about how to embrace Industry 4.0 and the key ingredients needed to take your maintenance operations to the next level, turning advanced analytics into actionable insights with measurable return.

Alan McMahon, Senior Analytics Consultant at Presidion

Pierre Baviera Working with Presidion for the last 11 years, Alan has extensive experience in the design and implementation of applied predictive analytics. With increasing market competitiveness in manufacturing, Alan has brought his analytics experience to the maintenance industry, in particular helping customers to understand the benefits predictive maintenance can bring above and beyond standard maintenance operations. Alan will be sharing his experience on how to make the most of the data you have, from uncovering the hidden patterns in maintenance logs through to optimizing asset lifetimes.

Watch this 1 min intro to discover what this is all about.